105th Annual June Tournament 2018

Thursday 7th June

Womens Three Ball Aggregate Stableford

Winners: Kaye Share (22) 29 pts, Kaye Mullane (27) 42 pts

& Wendy Carmody (21) 33 pts  – Total 104 pts


Runners Up: Gemma Howell (15) 33 pts, Pat Adams (32) 29 pts

Kristie Kennedy (14) 37 pts – Total 99 pts


Ball Winners: Dee Harding, Joan Fraser

& Heather Cuthbertson – 94 pts (Beaufort)


NTPs: 2nd Sonya Stoneman (2.6 metres)

6th Kaye Share

18th Ruth Le Nevez

With soup from Manuel’s Soup Kitchen…..

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