Tuesday 19th January, 2020

Men – Par.

Sponsored by Park Hotel.

66 Players, AMCR – 72, PCO = 0.

A Grade Winner… Mark Wyllie (0) – 2 up.

A Grade Runner Up… Keith Fankhauser (3) – 1 up.

B Grade Winner… Jim Shackleton (17) – 6 up.

B Grade Runner Up… Harry Murray (v) (14) – 4 up.

C Grade Winner… Peter Walsh (23) – 3 up.

C Grade Runner Up… Brian Hart (22) – Square.

Nearest The Pins

2nd Paul Flowers, 6th Mark Wyllie, 16th Keith Fankhauser & 18th Jim Shackleton.

Ball Winners

2 up… Neil Greenwood.

1 up… Dean Ford & Graeme Male.

Square… Peter Treble, David Lanyon, Marc Lowday, Wayne Brasher & Stephen Walhouse.

1 down… Glen Fithall, John Fry & Mick McCarthy c/b.

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