Tuesday 4th February, 2020

Men – Stableford.

Sponsored by Drummond Golf Ballarat.

60 Players, AMCR – 72, PCC = 0 (70).

A Grade Winner… Mark Shortall (5) – 39pts.

A Grade Runner Up… Anthony Passalick (3) – 37pts c/b.

B Grade Winner… Greg Sheridan (15) – 37 pts.

B Grade Runner Up… Ian Hubble (18) – 36pts.

C Grade Winner… Doug Kirkpatrick (22) – 38 pts.

C Grade Runner Up… Ron Giles (23) – 36pts c/b.

Nearest The Pins

2nd Mark Shortall 6thMarc Lowday, 16th – Anthony Passalick, 18th– Josh Lacey.

Ball Winners

37 pts… Terry Brown & Mark Wyllie.

36 pts… Wally Passalick.

35 pts… Cyril Cunningham, Max Palmer, Gary Reid & Brian Dawson.

34 pts… Denis Hamilton, Brian Hart, Jody Thomson & Josh Lacey.

Graham Jacka Holden Eagles on the 1stMark Wyllie & Josh Lacey.

Murph’s Pot… Mark Shortall with 39 pts.

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