Hello again,

I thought I would update you in light of the most recent information we have received from the Chief Health Officer today.

Entering the Building

As I informed you yesterday, you are required to “QR Code’ in, as well as show our Reception staff (who are acting as CoVid Marshalls) acceptable proof that you have been double vaccinated.

Acceptable proof is limited to:

  1. Successful completion of a Service Victoria QR check-in that includes confirmation that you are fully vaccinated through the app;
  2. A Covid digital certificate displayed through the Medicare App, the Service Victoria App or equivalent smartphone wallet;
  3. A printed version of your CoVid certificate or, immunisation history issued by the vaccination provider, medical practitioner or Australian Immunisation Register.
  • NB: It does not include a version printed by you.

(This information has been taken from the Chief Health Officer’s Directions.)  Please note that no other forms of proof are acceptable.

Please also note the following:

  1. Golfers:  You are most welcome to play tomorrow and beyond – you do not need to be double vaccinated!  Please help yourself to a snack and drink in the al fresco area outside.  But unless you are fully vaccinated, you are unable to enter the building.
    1. (Hint….get a golf buddy to buy the drinks if you are not vaxxed yet!)
  2. You CAN use the toilet – just go via the Golfers entry.
  3. If you are coming in after golf, please report to reception (near the front door) to check-in.  This is mandatory.

Lastly, on behalf of our staff, I would like to thank every member and visitor who has come in today.  Each of  you has shown patience and humour, as you checked in and shown your proof of double vaccination. 😊


J.G. Sedunary

General Manager

Maryborough Golf Club

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