Maryborough Bowls Club

The Bowling Green

Maryborough Lawn Bowls

The Maryborough Bowling Green provides two Santa Ana couch grass greens with shaded seating and picturesque surrounds. A greenside patio area also allows for spectating and socialising in comfort.

The greens are used 9 months of the year for many local tournaments, pennant games and social bowls days. The greens are closed on Mondays for maintenance but can be used at any other time except when being used for official bowls matches.

Our bowling members play in the Goldfields Playing Area with the Mid Week Bowls played on Tuesdays and the Weekend Pennant on Saturdays.

Social Bowls in played at various times during the week and the greens are open for a social roll during other times except Monday when it is closed for maintenance.

You are welcome always at Maryborough Bowls Club.


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