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Club Re-development

Club Re-development

Club Development FAQs


Q             Where the new car park is planned, will there be an issue with the drive through entrance and pedestrian golfers?

A             Providing it is well signed as a shared zone for pedestrians and cars it should not present any problems. The front drive through is a shared zone and we do not currently experience any problems


Q             Where will the putting green be relocated?

A             This will be discussed by the golf committee


Q             Will the council contribute funds to the additional car park?

A             No, because on the current plan it will be constructed on Maryborough Golf Club land


Q             Will there be any impact on bowls?

A             No


Q             If the car park is going to be located on/near the first tee, will this affect the course rating?

A             This will be discussed by the golf committee


Q             Will there be a dedicated staff room?

A             Yes


Q             If the bank denies the loan for the full amount, will the toilets still be renovated?

A             Yes


Q             Instead of the additional carpark affecting the golf course, can we utilize the treed area along Park Rd?

A             No. That area is the property of VicRoads


Q             Will there be better toilet facilities for bowlers?

A             Yes


Q             If the car park is constructed as planned, will it affect the 4th green and fairway and could we end up with a 9 hole golf course?

A             It will be the job of the golf committee to discuss all options


Q             If the bank denies the loan, is there a contingency plan for the kitchen and toilets?

A             Yes, the existing facilities will be renovated


Q             If the gaming machine revenue is on a downward trend, could we sell some of our machines?

A             This has been considered but from a taxation perspective we are financially advantaged from maintaining our current number of gaming machines


Q             When will the Special General meeting be held?

A             All category A voting members will be advised


Q             What is the estimated length of time for this project?

A             Approximately 12 – 15 months


Q             Will the bowlers car park be affected?

A             No



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