The Maryborough Golf Club has taken out the Charleson Shield section of the BDGA Pennant today at Snake Valley Golf Club.

It is the first time since 2013 that the Maryborough Golf Club has had their hands on the shield since Beaufort has had a monopoly on it since 2014.

The winning team members are Mark Reeves, Anthony Passalick, Stuart Argall (Capt), Gary Reed and Rob Daniell.

The team defeated Skipton in the morning 3 and 2 and Snake Valley in the afternoon 4 and 1.

Anthony Passalick was awarded the prestigious Ian Zimmer medal for his contribution to the team.

A fantastic win by the guys who represented our club.

Well done to you all!

The Hunt team consisting of Bill Patten (capt), Rod Milne, Mick Arrowsmith, Mario Rosini, Rob Bird and Alan McIvor finished Runners up, after going down to hosts, Snake Valley, in the morning round 4 and 1, but managed to knock the eventual winners Talbot off in the afternoon 3 and 2.

The team all played well, but Talbot managed to win all of their games last week, and going into the final round, could not be beaten for the title, despite our boys getting the points this afternoon.

Well done to all of our team members for a great effort.

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