Barefoot Bowls Party

The Best Party In Town

Barefoot Bowls – Perfect for your next function!

Barefoot Bowls is fun for all ages and the perfect entertainment activity with a balance of leisure, low-impact exercise and competitive challenge.

The Maryborough Bowling Green provides two Santa Ana couch grass greens with shaded seating and picturesque surrounds. A greenside patio area also allows for spectating and socialising in comfort.

Barefoot Bowls has been proven to Improve Fitness, Coordination, Mental Well-Being and Social Skills all whilst also providing a Low-Impact Exercise activity.

The Maryborough Golf Club now offers Barefoot Bowls Entertainment Packages – Perfect for your next Birthday Party, Staff-Break Up, Christmas Function or Casual Get-together!

With further options to customise your Barefoot Bowls Party to maximise your entertainment – Why wouldn’t you choose a Barefoot Bowls Party for your next function?


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