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Changes to the Board

  1. Increase the size of the Board:

The requirements placed on Directors on organisations like ours have changed since the Club’s constitution was written. There is a growing need for the Board to be focused on governance and making sure the Club is secure today and well into the future.

So, what is governance?

It is about the Board making sure the Club has business plans in place (and, that they are effectively implemented), has proper policies and procedures, finances are properly managed and, that we comply with our legal obligations.

To help the Maryborough Golf Club Board be more effective in its governance role on behalf of members, it is proposed to increase the number of Board members from five to seven.  This will help spread the workload and, will allow us to have Board members to focus on key areas that are important to the Club.

  • Change to Board Structure

To also assist the Board, it is proposed to change the structure of the Board so that it can focus on the key priorities that are impacting the Club from year to year, or at a particular time.  (For example, risk management or business development.)

Changing the structure also provides the Board a bit more flexibility to respond to immediate situations.  The proposed structure is:

President:                    (Nominee: G. Chaplin)

Vice- President:           (Nominee: ?)

Treasurer:                    (Incumbent: D. Marsden)

Director (Golf):            (Nominee:  )

Director (Bowls):         (Nominee: H. Patullo)

Director:                      (Nomination to come)

Director:                      (Nomination to come)

After initial training on Board member roles and responsibilities, we will form Board committees to work with the management team on such things as: strategic planning, risk management and business development.

It is believed that this approach is much better suited to a modern-day Club and will see us well into the future.

G. Chaplin


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