104th Annual June Tournament 207

Thursday 8th  June          Ladies  3BBB Stableford


Winners:             Barb Willis (Maryborough)

                             Frances Fraser (Ballarat)       48 pts

                             Susan Sloan (Lorne)

Runners Up:    Jean O’Halloran (Talbot)

                             Victoria O’Halloran (Talbot)   47 pts

                             Gail Wilson (Talbot)


Second Runners Up: Denise Harding (Beaufort)

                                      Tricia Martin (Beaufort)        46 pts c/b

                                      Joan Fraser (Beaufort)


Ball Winners:     Janne Maggs (Everglades)

                             Ruth Le Nez (Muirfield)               46 pts

                             Lynda Pratt (Maryborough)


                             Ruth Nunn (Talbot)

                             Elizabeth Fenton (Talbot)            44 pts c/b

                             Carolyn Atkinson (Talbot)


NTPs:        2nd              Denise Harding (Beaufort) – 1230 mm

                   6th              Nobody

                   18th             Gai Skinner (Midlands)

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